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The Butterfly House is a specially designed and maintained exhibition of living exotic butterflies and moths, where visitors can enjoy direct contact with some of the most beautiful members of the insect order Lepidoptera from around the world and find out lots of information on butterflies.

Within the flight area the environment is carefully controlled and monitored to maintain perfect conditions for the live butterflies to live and breed as they would in the wild. A high temperature and humidity is maintained not only to support the beautiful butterflies, but also sustain the exotic plants and flowers needed to enable the butterflies and larvae to feed. Thus, the natural habitat of the butterfly has been reconstructed at our butterfly farm in such a way as to allow visitors an insight into the fascinating way of life of these creatures.

Real butterflies with their highly coloured wings are present in our gardens and countryside during spring and summer. They are always easy to recognise and have always been much admired, and, being unable to bite or sting they have been set apart from their insect relatives, which has done much to increase their popularity.

Butterflies and moths make up the large group (or Order) of insects known as the Lepidoptera. This comes from the Greek words for "scale" and "wing". This Order is divided into families of butterflies and moths and there are about 150,000 different species.


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