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We have a rehomed and rescued exotic animal area which houses a range of lizards, amphibians and creepy crawlies. This area was recently refurbished and is the newest addition to the sanctuary.

Each animal can be seen up close and personal in their specially adapted homes which replicate their natural environments as much as possible.

Most of our exotic animals have their own reasons for being with us but the most common reasons include:
  • being abandoned
  • being rescued
  • being rehomed from owners who can no longer care for them
Exotic animals being rehomed is now becoming an ever growing problem in the UK and more and more animals are after new homes. We always try to provide a forever home for the animals that come into us, a home that provides all the animals requirements, like heating, lighting, correct diet and habitat.

Exotic animals are becoming increasingly popular pets but sadly sometimes people do not research fully the level of care that is required for the animal, they can then become ill quite quickly. So researching before obtaining the pet is always very important, an animal will respond and behave best if it is well cared for.

Some animals can get very large in size, arent too friendly and can live for many many years. Researching the animal will mean you know exactly what to expect of the animal and you do not have any nasty surprises.

When looking at an animals diet that may also change your mind on owning it, some of our exotics like to eat live bugs, baby mice and even rats.

If you would like to get up close and learn some more about our exotic animals why not try a junior otter experience which includes handling of some of our exotics.

Check on the day if there are any handling sessions or animal talks available for that day for your chance to get even closer!

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