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Otter News

Update on our NEW otters at the sanctuary!

Brook & Burn (Eurasian otters).

They are captive bred siblings and cannot be returned to the wild so we have given them a forever home with us at the Sanctuary.
The brothers are doing really well and have settled in with fine. Come along at feeding times to see them both out enjoying their fish.

Skye (Eurasian otter)

Skye is a very recent addition to the centre, she has just been introduced to our British male otter Sammy. They are getting on great, playing with one another nearly all day long. Skye is abit of a handful for Sammy as she is like an energetic little puppy but this isnt a bad thing as Sammy seems to have a never ending amount of energy so at least she is keeping him busy.
Skye was a rescue cub otter but unfortunately she is not suitable for release so she will stay with us as one of our residents.

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