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Otter News

The sanctuary would like to update you all on some sad news, unfortunately we lost our elderly female Asian short-clawed otter Jasmine over christmas. She was a very old little lady, her records indicate she would have been roughly 16 years old or more. Our keepers worked alongside the vet to do the best for her to save her but she had a suspected stroke. She will be buried with our beloved otters in our otter garden. It is always hard when we loose an otter as lovely as her that has given us and so many poeple lots of pleasure over the years, we are just happy she had a very fullfilled, enjoyable life with us and she clearly loved our visitors especially the otter experience's.

Her partner Rowan has gone through a greiving period but taken the sudden loss of her all in his stride, he continues to entertain visitors by juggling his pebbles. The keepers are giving him extra attention and time with lots of enrichment whilst they look for a new partner for him. We will update you as soon as we have any news on a partner and we will of course share photos and videos on our social media for you.

We have only just made the news public as we wanted her sponsor's and adopter's to be told first. Our admin team have been working hard to let all of them know the sad news but if you have a sponsorship card for her and have'nt yet been contacted please feel free to email or call and our staff can look at getting your membership changed.

Check updates on our facebook page and Instagram.

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