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Adopt or sponsor an Otter...

As an official sponsor of one or more of our otters we will then send you your sponsorship pack, which consists of:

1. An Otter Sponsorship Certificate.
2. A full colour photograph of the otter(s) you have sponsored.
3. Your Privileged Admission Card allowing the sponsor(s) unlimited free admission for a period of twelve months during normal opening hours.
4. An Otter Sponsors Fact Sheet, which has lots of interesting information about otters from all around the world.

The sponsorship can be in the name of a relative or friend for an animal themed gift. In this case complete the appropriate part of the form and we will send the pack, together with an otter greeting card and message of your choice, direct on your behalf.

Your support in this way helps us continue and extend our knowledge and expertise in the care of our otters and, by providing an enjoyable and thought-provoking visit, we will enhance peoples awareness and appreciation of one of our most shy and secretive but fascinating animals. Education really is the key to most wildlife conservation issues today and the more people know about otter habitat, how they are affected by the environment, and what they can do personally to help, the better. Remember, we don't inherit our environment from our parents; we borrow it from our children.

If you wish to sponsor an otter click here to visit the shop and choose which otter you would like to sponsor !


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