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Wildlife Organisations...

This page highlights a number of organisations that we work with, along with many others that it feels happy to promote. If you would like to exchange weblinks and help us spread the message of Wildlife conservation please contact contact@ottersandbutterflies.co.uk

Devon Wildlife Trust - The Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) is concerned with all aspects of wildlife conservation in the county and is part of The Wildlife Trusts and the SW Wildlife Trusts.

The Barn Owl Trust - The Barn Owl Trust is a small charity working very hard to conserve one of the most beautiful birds on earth. Anyone who has ever watched a Barn Owl hunting at dusk has surely been touched by the experience but sadly these magical birds have become increasingly rare - and the reasons are all man-made. Lack of food due to intensive farming, the loss of roost and nest sites, road mortality, and a host of other factors are to blame.

Dartmoor National Park Authority - Dartmoor became a National Park in 1951. They are committed to working with and through others to ensure the conservation, sustainable development, understanding and enjoyment of the area for you and for future generations.

Devon  Badger Watch - At Devon Badger Watch Kevin and Anne, the owners, have two aims.
Firstly and most importantly we simply want our Guests to enjoy watching these shy mysterious creatures, at extremely close range.
Secondly, for those who would like to know more, we offer an insight not only into the detailed life of badgers, but also into how our wildlife and landscape has been affected by interaction with farming practices over time.

Otternet - Otternet proudly presents the most comprehensive otter links page on the internet. Browse through the different sections: Otter organizations, Wildlife/Zoo Organization Pages with Otter References, Otter Pages, and Otter Stuff - Shopping Sites.